Cistas, steel tanks

supply units for self consume

Cistas Industrial manufactures double wall fuel supply units for self consume, both horizontal and vertical, to storage from 2.000 to 15.000 litres. The skids manufactured by Cistas are compact petrol installations for the storage and supply of fuel for vehicles, heating and engines. These supply units are built and installed following the general criteria of the Petrol Installation Standards and the Technical instruction MI-IP03/IP04.

Under request and always following the petrol installation standards, the customer has the option to order additional elements on the equipment or to modify the existing ones to adapt the tank for a specific use. In this way it is possible to order other pumping equipments of different flow rates, supply monitors or fuel dispensers instead of supply equipments and it is possible to install a roof or an antitheft closure.

autonomous supply units

autonomous supply units

double wall tank with anti-impact frame

Made of steel (inside /outside) cylindrical (horizontal or vertical) for an aboveground installation manufactured under the UNE standards and exterior anticorrosive finish of white polyurethane with special shine suitable for exterior applications
  • UNE 62.351-2 for tanks up to 3.000 litres
  • UNE 62.350-2 for tanks over 3.000 litres
The tank has a support structure, pipe entries in the manhole, vacuum leak detector system, vent system with firewall and integrated grille, suction system with a shut off valve with filter and shut tap, 3” loading inlet VK-80 made of brass with a chain on the lid, measurement system through an indicator with riser pipe, overfill detector (for tanks over 3.000 litres) and pressure relief. Protection metal structure for the tank provided with access ladder to the manhole with anti-slip floor and safety handrail depending on the tank capacity.

electric installation, fire extinguisher and pumping equipment

Fire extinguisher and a complete electric Installation (upon request) composed of electric board with IP-55 protection, thermal-magnetic circuit breaker, electric hose with net plug, shielded cable for the connection to a supply unit and junction box.

The pumping equipment has a protection box made of stainless steel finished with shine epoxi paint weather–resistant, a suction pump with built-in filter, recirculation by-pass valve, single phase engine of 0.25 Kw 230 VCA 50 Hz, self-cooled and mechanical volumetric meter with a fireproof measurement chamber with disk.