Cistas, steel fuel tanks

Cistas Industrial, fuel tanks manufacture

Steel Tanks

Cistas industrial manufactures fuel storage tanks to be installed aboveground and underground. The outer liner type will depend on the location of the tank, being the manufacturing process the same for both versions.

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A solution fot low-cost service-stations. This is a compact and modular system for the execution of service-stations, which has as maximum goals the reduction of time and the simplicity in the installation and transport, providing the service of a unique, simple and complete product.
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Supply Units

Horizontal and vertical double wall fuel supply units manufacture, to storage from 2.000 to 15.000 litres for self consume for the storage and supply of fuel for vehicles, heating and engines.

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Mobile Solutions

Cistas industrial develops, manufactures and commercializes mobile units for fuel supply (in a container or without it) with one or several compartments, as a suitable solution for export.

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manufacturing process

Cistas Industrial manufactures fuel tanks according to the necessary guidelines ensuring the quality standards that allowed us to obtain in the year 2007 the Quality Certificate ISO 9000, awarded by the Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification (AENOR).

All the materials used in the fuel tanks manufacture are checked and a lot number is assigned to them, so that, the product traceability is maintained in the corresponding manufacture order. The manufacturing process includes shell execution, this, together with tanks bottoms, finishes with a submerged arc welding process that guarantees leak-tightness in our tanks. After that, and having carried out leak tightness pertinent test, tank double wall cover is done (checking again the welding) while creating the vacuum within the interstitial chamber existing between both walls.

After finishing the manufacturing process, the tank is prepared to be painted, this process take place in our industrial painting booth, which ensures a better finish of the product the drying time is highly reduced) and foments environmental impact reductions. Once, the tank is dry, thickness measuring and tests are carried out, according to those required in UNE manufacturing standards. The manufacturing certificate issued, specifying all the information, will serve as a veritable proof of the full process.

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