Cistas, depósitos de combustible

compactcis® - modular service stations system

system for low-cost service stations


Compactcis is the ideal system for the construction of Low-cost service-stations.The development of a full unit includes the fuel tank with the anchors, as well as the different parts included in the mechanical installation, so that, 80% of the units leave the factory already assembled, achieving a significant reduction in execution time and a reduction of cost in civil engineering works.

quick execution

Quick execution is one of the advantages of the system if we compare it to the construction of service-stations in a traditional way. Once the tank and the pillars are installed, we assemble the canopy made of steel and finished with steel sheet or composite aluminium panel. Next step will be to install dispenser pumps, lighting and pipelines.


The installation of a prefabricated concrete kiosk allows for housing additional services and protecting them from inclement weather. Inside it we will place an electrical panel, tank gauges, a leak detector, an anti-fire system, video surveillance cameras and the unattended payment system. The kiosk, the same as the rest of the station, is customized according to the guidelines concerning our customer’s image.

multipurpose system

The final goals of this development is to obtain an installation easily transportable, versatile, allowing the combination of different fuels, and the performance of works in a record time, providing our customers a unique turnkey and optimal system.